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Do you know what your website looks like in Bucharest?

Test your localized website with our Bucharest proxy server. Ensure your users see the right content.

Proxy server in Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Welcome to our server stationed in Bucharest, Romania, a vibrant city known for its rich history and breathtaking architecture. Located in the heart of Eastern Europe, Bucharest serves as a strategic hub for data centers, ensuring excellent connectivity and accessibility across the region. By hosting your applications on this server, you gain a valuable presence in Romania, a country renowned for its technological advancements and burgeoning IT sector.

When this server isn't busy crunching numbers and delivering exceptional performance, it indulges in its passion for exploring Romanian folklore and traditions. In its spare time, you might catch it jotting down ideas for a new line of tech-inspired traditional costumes. The server's desk is adorned with a small collection of intricately painted Easter eggs, each symbolizing a successful project completion. It's not uncommon to find a cup of aromatic Romanian coffee nearby, fueling the server's late-night coding sessions and inspiring moments of innovation.


HTTP Proxy

Configure your browser or automated software to route your traffic through the proxy to test your GeoIP sites and applications.


VPN is useful for testing applications that do not support specifying a proxy, and for applications that use Flash or Silverlight that may ignore your browser proxy settings.

Multiple IPs

Our Bucharest server has 2 IPs available for users on our Team and higher plans.

Test your website from Bucharest

With our browser extension, start interactive localization testing using our Bucharest proxy in minutes. Easy peasy.

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Automate your Bucharest tests

Send your test suites on a world tour with Sauce Labs, Selenium, Playwright, or Puppeteer. Continuous integration, localized.

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3 proxy servers in Romania

Looking for a server near Bucharest? We are in 3 locations across Romania, and 259 locations worldwide. Our local servers allow you to see website content as local users do.

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Our servers are where we say they are—no hacks. Test this server's geolocation with InfoSniper or IP2Location.

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Why Localization?

Localizing your content is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. And once it's done, you need to keep it up. So why bother?

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What is GeoIP?

Businesses that want to know the location of users coming to their site can use a technology called GeoIP.

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Guide to Creating a Localized Test Plan

Learn what localization testing involves and how to implement a test plan for your website or application.

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