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For the experienced WonderProxy user who needs a refresher

This guide is intended for experienced users who are familiar with setting up proxies and configuring VPNs. For step-by-step setup, see the full WonderProxy proxy setup guide or vpn setup guide.

Proxy Setup

  1. Find your WonderProxy username and proxy token.
  2. Add servers to your account.
  3. Plop the hostname and port into your browser with your WonderProxy username and proxy token. You can find the hostname for all of your servers on your account servers page.

    The following ports are available:

    Port 10000: Full proxy headers are added to each request. X-Forwarded-For is sent to the server and X-Host-IP is returned to the client.

    Port 11000 : No headers are added to the request sent to the destination server; the response includes an X-Host-IP header, providing the IP of the server that handled the request.

    Port 12000 : No headers are added in either direction.

  4. Profit.

VPN Setup

  1. VPN Type: L2TP IPSEC
  2. Shared Secret: (you must be logged in as a proxy user to view the shared secret)
  3. Username: same as
  4. Password: a proxy token