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A solution your IT departments will love

WonderProxy's global testing solution is compliant with SOC 2 Type II. We have servers in 259 cities around the globe, so you can ensure your website is showing the correct content, without leaking your data.

Get the sign-off from your security team

WonderProxy's security posture and audit reports make approval a breeze.

We understand how challenging it can be to purchase a new solution in the modern enterprise. We also appreciate the work security teams do to keep enterprises (and frankly, our data) safe.

We've worked hard to make it easy for them to approve WonderProxy, so you can keep delivering value around the world.

SOC 2 Type II

SOC 2 is a security framework that specifies how organizations should protect customer data from unauthorized access, security incidents, and other vulnerabilities. Our most recent audit report (February 1, 2024) is available for your team's review. Email sales to get the ball rolling.

3rd-party penetration testing

We work with Cure53, an external auditor, who performs white-box penetration testing and analysis of our systems and network. Our application code, infrastructure, proxies, and VPN are all in scope for the audit.

Minimal data plane

Your data is our liability, not our asset. We collect the information you give us during signup, and the data required for billing and abuse management thereafter. When you connect to a secure resource through our proxy or VPN networks, we are unable to view the contents of that connection. In other words, we don't, and can't, MiTM your traffic.

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Why Localization?

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What is GeoIP?

Businesses that want to know the location of users coming to their site can use a technology called GeoIP.

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Guide to Creating a Localized Test Plan

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