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The complete solution for localization testing

Empower your localization tests with a global presence and serious functionality. Stop guessing; start testing.

Global network

See exactly what your website looks like anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your desk.

Global coverage

We have servers in 259 cities in 91 countries, and 36 US states. In total they cover 97% of the world’s GDP and 86% of its population. See our map of locations.

HTTP proxies

Every server is set up as an HTTP proxy server. Carry out localization testing on your geoIP websites and applications.


254 servers support VPN connections using L2TP over IPSec with a pre-shared key (PSK). Test sites with network connections you can’t control and apps that don’t support specifying a proxy.

IPv6 support

117 servers support IPv6 connections. See what your IPv6 website looks like when it’s served in a local market.

Multiple IPs

We have multiple IP addresses available in 108 cities. A stale geoIP database won't keep you from geolocating in your target city. Available on our Team plan and higher.

Residential IPs

We have residential IPs in 15 US, UK, and Canadian cities that we offer selected customers on our Corporate and Enterprise plans. Test systems that behave differently when they detect a data center IP address.

Reliable servers

We only work with reputable hosts with good track records. We monitor every server 24/7 and we track server usage to spot problems before they happen.

Status dashboard

We check every server continuously. Server status information can be found on our server status page, or subscribe to our Mastodon & Twitter for updates. If you hit a problem, see straightaway if it’s caused by you or us.

Status via API

Use our API to track network availability and external geolocation status. Make it easier to keep automated testing tools running smoothly and customize how you deliver info to your team

Proxy servers

Control your test configuration so you can cut out distractions and focus on results.

IP authentication

Use proxies without entering a username and password. Accelerate automated testing and test applications that don’t support standard proxy authentication.

Custom DNS via API

On our Enterprise plan, map domains to specific IP addresses to target individual servers, and bypass load-balancing, CDNs, and cluster redirects.

No ad injection

We don’t inject ads (or anything else) when you’re testing. See exactly what your visitors see with no complications to factor in.

No installation

Get started with any setup or integrated technology. Nothing to reconfigure or install on your website.

Browser extension

Start manual localization testing in minutes with the WonderSwitcher browser extension. For Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.


When you use the WonderSwitcher, both your IP and your browser location change to reflect the location of your chosen proxy. Learn more about geolocation.


Use filters to include or exclude traffic routing through the WonderSwitcher. Keep a handle on usage and still access local network resources.


Set reminders on the WonderSwitcher so you don’t forget you’re connected to a proxy.


Set HTTP headers. Make it easy to identify testing traffic and avoid skewing analytics.


Use your favourite tools for manual testing or add localization to your automated test setup.

Bring your own tools

Connect to WonderProxy using any software that supports HTTP proxy settings, whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom-built.

Sauce Labs integration

Run interactive or automated localization tests on combinations of operating systems, devices, and browsers. Read more about WonderProxy and Sauce Labs.

Playwright integration

The Playwright browser automation framework works with WonderProxy! Read our Playwright guide.

Puppeteer integration

Use Google's tool for browser testing with WonderProxy. Read our Puppeteer guide.

Selenium integration

Add localization testing to your automated testing workflows. Read our Selenium guide.

Other integrations

We have documentation and sample code ready to go for PHP, Java, Go, Ruby, and more. Read our testing guides.

Traffic management

Pick your test locations and stay on top of your proxy usage with our account dashboard and API.

Server management

Add any servers from our network up to your plan’s limit. Remove servers you aren’t using as long as you haven’t used them in your current billing period.

Usage charts

Keep an eye on usage levels and track usage patterns with our easy-to-digest usage charts. Export data by user and server so you can perform offline traffic analysis and share data.

Usage notifications

Enable and customize email notifications when your traffic usage nears your limit and hits the limit.

Usage via API

Track your server traffic programmatically. Avoid going over thresholds in automated test setups and customize how you deliver traffic usage information to your team.

Traffic reports

On our Team plan and higher, get daily or weekly traffic summaries in your email inbox. Keep an eye on your team's usage over time.

On our Enterprise plan, your summaries include your most-visited websites, so you can track your test targets and make sure you're covered.

Traffic logs

Investigate abnormalities, accidents, or spikes. Request server access logs, traffic history, and usage amounts. See what we log and why.

Team management

Get your whole team testing with WonderProxy in a flash. For teams of any size.

Roles & permissions

Invite teammates to start testing with WonderProxy, designate admins to manage users and servers, or add billing users to manage payment. Learn more about roles.

Batch management

Add or modify users individually, import a CSV to make bulk additions or updates, and export your user list.

SSO login

On our Enterprise plan, access your account with the same login you use for your organization. Make it easier to login and get testing faster.

Delegated Authentication

Proxy tokens help keep your passwords safe, and ease team management with auto expiry and immediate revocation. Seamless integration with the WonderSwitcher and automated tooling makes testing a breeze.

Built by developers for developers

Our features are designed to help you streamline your testing.