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Residential IPs

Are you having problems testing systems that behave differently when a request comes from a known datacenter IP? WonderProxy is now offering select customers access to our growing network of residential IPs from 15 locations across the United States and Canada. Residential IPs allow you to truly see the web from your user's perspective!


  • Olney Maryland United States
  • Laval Quebec Canada
  • Toronto Ontario Canada
  • Los Angeles California United States
  • Portland Oregon United States
  • Detroit Michigan United States
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
  • Rego Park New York United States
  • Waterloo Ontario Canada
  • San Antonio Texas United States
  • San Diego California United States
  • Jacksonville Florida United States
  • Dallas Texas United States
  • Vancouver British Columbia Canada
  • Chicago Illinois United States

Frequently Asked Questions

How are residential IPs helpful?

Some of our customers have reported challenges testing integrated platforms using our regular proxy network. Integrated software outside their control identifies the request as coming from a datacenter and behaves differently, introducing additional challenges in working with the System Under Test (SUT). Using a residential IP allows your QA team to more closely match a user's environment and sidestep these challenges.

Do you use malware or hacked devices?

No. We set up commercial accounts with ISPs, and find local residents willing to host a mini-server in their homes. We ship them the server, and plug it into our existing commercial infrastructure. Don’t put your brand at risk by executing tests on compromised devices.

How do you trick systems into thinking your datacenter servers are residential?

We don’t. Our servers are placed in homes or small businesses around the world.

Can I host a server myself?

We’re expanding the network as demand dictates, you can learn more on our Edge Server Host application page.

Can I use this to buy shoes or spam Craigslist / Facebook / Instagram?

No. All of these uses violate our terms of service and your account will be terminated promptly.

How do I sign up?

Residential IPs are available as a premium addition to customers on our Corporate plan or higher. If you’re interested, send us a message. Once the servers have been added to your account you can use them as you would any other server, including full details in our Server Status API, IP Authentication, and instant access through our browser extension.

Interested in Residential Servers?

Residential IPs are available as a premium addition to customers on our Corporate plan or higher