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Sep 16, 2019

Communicating risk as a testerĀ šŸ’¬

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Sep 11, 2019

What should developers and test engineers look for in VPN servers?

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Sep 02, 2019

Localization for Developers

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We wouldn't be able to develop or test our geo-targeted applications without it. WonderProxy is a vital tool in our software development process.

Nick I.

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Our hand-picked selection of blog posts & guides to get you started with your localization testing efforts.

Proxy vs. VPN for Localization Testing

Here are some reasons why proxy servers are a much better option for localization testing than VPNs.

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Guide to Creating a Localized Test Plan

Learn what localization testing involves and how to implement a test plan for your website or application.

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A Guide to Setting Up a Proxy in Selenium

Learn how to integrate proxy servers with Selenium, complete with Python code samples using the Chrome WebDriver in Selenium.

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