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The WonderSwitcher browser extension allows you to start your testing sooner, and complete your testing faster. Quickly switch between any of our 248 worldwide servers in Firefox or Chrome.

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Key Features

  • Import all proxy servers directly from your WonderProxy account
  • Navigate easily, even with hundreds of proxies
  • Switch between proxies in seconds
  • Test websites based on geoIP or browser location
  • Set filters to include or exclude domains from proxied traffic
  • Add an arbitrary HTTP header
  • Available for Firefox and Chrome
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get it?

The WonderSwitcher is available from both the Chrome Store, and the Firefox Store for easy installation.

Why does it want so many permissions?

Browsers (correctly) consider setting a proxy to be a very privileged action, since you're voluntarily sending all your browsing information to another computer! In this case it's required since we are - by design - setting your proxy information.

How do I import proxies?

Click on the Import to Extension link on your WonderProxy servers page to automatically import your server list to the add-on. For information on how to manually add servers, view our user guide.

How do I set my password?

Click on the WonderSwitcher icon in your browser. Select Settings, then Credentials and enter your username & password. If you're a WonderProxy user, we'll verify your credentials.

Why is it blinking red?

You've set a reminder. This is helpful if you're prone to setting a proxy and forgetting about it.

How much does it cost?

The extensions are available for free.

Latest Release

Version 4.2.0

Jan 10, 2020
  • Updated styles & assets to match new branding

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