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Become an Edge Server Host

Want to help us expand our network? We’re always looking for new locations for our servers!
If you might be interested in housing a server for us, please fill out the form below.
Should we require a new server in your city, we’ll contact you.

How does it work?

  • We set up a second internet connection in your home, which we would pay for (you would keep using your existing internet connection)
  • We set up a small WonderProxy server in your home
  • In return, we pay you $100/month (we’ll work out a payment schedule with you)

More specifically, WonderProxy would:

  • Find a local internet provider in your area to bring a second internet connection to your home and install a modem
  • Send you our own very small server (about the size of three slices of bread) to plug into the new modem
  • Pay for the second internet service directly (any bills will be sent to us, not you)

What you’d need to do:

  • Be home for the Internet install (we sign up for business connections, usually that results in a shorter window that you have to wait for them to show up)
  • Plug in the server when it arrives
  • Pay for any electricity the server and modem use (minimal)
  • We might occasionally ask you to unplug the server and plug it back in again, but this is incredibly rare—mostly you should just forget it’s there!

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please fill out the form linked below!

Apply to be a Host

We thank everyone for applying but only hosts shortlisted for a server will be contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of troubleshooting skills do I need?

Our plan is to ship you a pre-configured server, so all you will need to do is plug it in. The server will “phone home” once it’s connected to the internet which should allow us to handle the trouble shooting on our side. If something else goes wrong we might try to schedule a phone call with you to ask for your help.

What happens if the Internet goes down or is having problems?

Since our internet connection will be different from yours, we will monitor how well it is performing and we will call and yell at our service provider if we need to. On the rare occasion we might ask you to unplug the modem and plug it back in again for us. If your existing connection is having problems, it should be unrelated to our connection and you don’t need to notify us. Just do what you normally do. We just kindly ask that you don’t unplug our modem or server while you are tinkering with your own things!

How much will my electricity usage increase?

Very little! You’re already paying for any electricity you’re using for your current internet service. All we’re doing is adding a modem for the new line and plugging in a small server, which will use about the same electricity as if you plugged in another computer. The increase should be minimal.