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Globalize Your Testing with Sauce Labs & WonderProxy

WonderProxy provides HTTP proxies around the globe to help you validate geo-targeted content.

WonderProxy works great with Sauce Labs.

It's easy to use WonderProxy with Sauce Labs:

  1. Download the Sauce Connect Client.
  2. Connect the Sauce Connect to a WonderProxy server. The connection will show up in your Sauce Dashboard.
  3. Link your tests to the Sauce Connect tunnels.
  4. Run your tests!
Automated tests on Sauce

Why WonderProxy?

  • The WonderProxy network was built from the ground up with geoIP testing in mind. With tremendous global reach, as well as granular locations within the US.
  • Our service spans 248 cities across 89 countries worldwide.
  • By using servers, not end user machines we're able to protect the privacy of your data.
  • Monitor server availability with our Network Status API

Need some manual testing?

You can also use WonderProxy straight from your browser. Just configure one of our proxy servers and go.

View Manual Testing Guide

Ready to start testing? Our plans start at only $24.95 per month