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Enterprise Plan Details

Our Enterprise Plan is aimed at teams doing a lot of testing around the world with several staff members requiring access.


USD / month

Cancel anytime



Users with access to the proxy network



Choose from our network of 249 locations

300 GB


Extra traffic billed at $1.50/GB

Enterprise Plan Signup

You'll log in to our proxy network with this username.

Payment information will be processed in the next step.

Need to pay by purchase order? Not a problem! Send Support an email and we can start the process.

If you're an existing customer, please log in to renew or send Support an email if you'd like to change your plan.

Measuring Your Traffic

Enterprise Plan traffic limits include all traffic created by your requests. That includes the traffic used to download each resource to our proxy server, and the traffic used to transfer the resource from our server to your computer. If the resource is already in our cache, only the traffic used to transfer it to your computer is counted.

Traffic Over The Limit

If you exceed the monthly traffic limit of 300 GB within a billing period, that's ok! We'll bill you for the extra at $1.50 per GB.