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Localization testing with proxies

Developing localized websites with geoIP is worth little if you can't verify that the correct content is being served. Start testing your website in minutes.

Your Options

Sketchy Free Proxies

There are a myriad of free proxies available that you can attempt to route your traffic through. You don’t need to pay to access them, which likely has some appeal, but they inject ads, most of them include tracking software and malware, their locations are unreliable (your Mexican proxy is probably in Dallas) and they’re slow.

Lots of Plane Tickets & Call In All The Favours

You could fly to all the places you want to test your website from. That would be super fun, but is probably not cost-effective and definitely isn’t automatable or emergency-compatible. Getting all your international buddies to test your site is certainly an option, but they’re going to get annoyed with you after the third request at 4am.


WonderProxy was designed explicitly for the purpose of testing localized and geoIP using applications. A WonderProxy subscription grants you access to the WonderProxy servers, which are located in 259 cities, in 91 countries all across the world.

Your Solution

WonderProxy is the best solution out there for testing your localized applications. With proxies dotted across the globe, and a variety of plans to choose from, it’s super easy to get your QA folks up and running.

With Sauce Labs, you can test your applications on virtually infinite (actually 350) permutations and combinations of browsers and operating systems in The Cloud. Using Selenium, Playwright, or Puppeteer, you can automate your testing from your local machine.

Ready to start localization testing?