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Start Testing

Ready to start testing with WonderProxy? You've found the right place.

Start testing with WonderProxy

First, you'll need to:

  • Find your WonderProxy username and password
  • Add any servers you want to use to your account

Next, pick one of three options for testing with WonderProxy:

  1. Use the browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge
  2. Automate your tests using Sauce Labs or Selenium
  3. Connect manually to our proxy or VPN servers

Use the browser extension

Use the WonderSwitcher for geoIP and browser location testing directly in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Install the extension and get testing in minutes.

Download add-on for Chrome Download add-on for Firefox Microsoft Add-on Store Badge

View Switcher Guide

Automate your tests

Integrate WonderProxy into your automated test suites. Build localization testing into your CI/CD pipeline with Selenium, or expand your test coverage with Sauce Labs.

Using WonderProxy

Connect to a proxy View API docs

Connect manually

Manually configure your system or application to use our proxy or VPN servers.

Connect to a proxy Connect to a VPN