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Configure your system to use WonderProxy's VPN

About VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to create a secure connection between two machines. Traffic over the network is encrypted to prevent intermediate parties from reading messages passed back and forth. Other schemes are also applied to prevent modification of messages, or injection of new messages in the stream. The VPN only protects information between your computer and the VPN server, communications between the VPN server and the traffic's destination will not be affected.

The VPN server will allow you to remain connected for twelve hours, at which point your connection will be closed. Feel free to re-connect immediately.

Getting Set Up

To get started, ensure you have:

  1. Added your desired servers to your WonderProxy account
  2. Located your WonderProxy username.
  3. Generated a WonderProxy proxy token. You'll enter this proxy token whenever the VPN configuration asks for a password.
  4. Determined the hostname of the server you wish to connect to (e.g.

A username and proxy token are required to log into the VPN servers. Users cannot use Single Sign-On for VPN server authentication.

Expert Details

  • VPN Type: L2TP IPSEC
  • Shared Secret: (you must be logged in as a proxy user to view the shared secret)