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Configure iPad

Configure your system to use WonderProxy's VPN

iPad VPN Configuration

  1. Open up the settings tool
  2. iPad with general settings open
  3. Select General, then Network
  4. iPad with network settings open
  5. Select VPN, then Add VPN Configuration
  6. iPad with VPN settings open
  7. In the L2TP tab, type WonderProxy - [Name of desired location] in the Description field
  8. Type the server address (e.g. in the Server field
  9. In Account, enter your WonderProxy username
  10. In Password, enter your WonderProxy password, or leave it blank if you want it to prompt you for the password every time you try to connect
  11. In Secret, enter: (you must be logged in as a proxy user to view the shared secret) (we found copy-pasting it in was much easier than trying to type it)
  12. Make sure that Send All Traffic is ON
  13. Click on Save in the top right corner
  14. iPad with VPN configuation open
  15. To connect, select your desired configuration and turn the VPN ON at the top
  16. iPad with VPN turned on in VPN settings
  17. The connection status will now show below the VPN on/off bar
  18. iPad with VPN shown as ON