Increasing Max-Connection time for VPN

by Paul Reinheimer on

A few weeks ago we launched a new VPN Service aimed at workers on the go. Since launch we’ve improved the service twice (without touching the cost). We’ve adjusted the service so that everyone has access to both a North American server and a European one, and we’ve increased the max connection time from 4 to 12 hours.

The original 4 hour limit stems from how our customers were originally using the VPN service: to test their websites including flash and silverlight content. In that sense the four hour limit was reasonable.

Since launching the VPN service on its own, we’ve received an email as well as a comment or two from friends on that limit. We weren’t sold on increasing it (as there are other repercussions of that limit) until our friend Helgi at pointed out:

But here is my main problem, the VPN disconnected and everything I had running automagically connected on an unprotected network and thus negating the point of a VPN – This could happen while I go to the toilet or nip out for lunch/coffee and thus exposing my data longer than I’d want (e.g. until I come back).

Leaving our customers with an insecure connection, especially one where they might not be in a position to notice the change is definitely a problem. Accordingly, we’ve now raised the connection time to 12 hours.