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We're Looking for Authors!

Paul Reinheimer Nov 14, 2018 Hiring

We're looking for more authors to help us out by writing about Testing, Localization Testing, Test Automation, and related topics. These are contract positions: you write a blog post, we pay you.

We're looking for two reasons: We see opportunity to put great content out there on these topics, and our day to day work involves running a global proxy network, not staying at the forefront of test.


  • Has at least a year of experience working in QA engineering or test automation
  • Has worked with Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, Sauce Labs, or another browser automation framework
  • Is comfortable working with code to assist their test automation efforts
  • Has examples of their own writing out somewhere (their own blog, conference talks, etc)


  • Covers a technical topic related to testing
  • Demonstrates some sort of automation technology
  • Includes a little, but not a lot, of code


  • Blog posts will go live with your name on them (you're not ghostwriting).
  • If you have your own blog you're welcome to cross post there a week later, if you can rel=canonical back to us for that post. Build your own brand!
  • We pay $350-$500USD per post. Lower end for shorter, less technical posts; higher end for longer, more technical posts.

If you're interested, drop us a line: writers at Please include a link to some of your writing, and a few sample topics for blog posts you'd be comfortable writing.

Paul Reinheimer

Developer, support engineer, and occasional manager. I enjoy working on new products, listening to customers, and forgetting to bill them. Also: co-founder.