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Testing (33)

Blog posts that discuss common geoIP and localization testing scenarios.

Localization (32)

Read about what's involved in adapting a website or application to a specific location, population, or language.

Tools (15)

Learn about how we monitor our global proxy network, lint our code, manage deploys and what tools we really love to use.

Tutorial (15)

You want your web application to go global, but how is it supposed to know where your visitors are from? Learn more about testing worldwide.

Marketing (13)

Learn how localized marketing like targeted promotions and advertisements can help you improve your conversion rates and boost your ROI.

Automation (12)

Our geoIP testing can easily be automated. Find out more about how we automate testing.

Development (12)

How does testing fit into the development process? Read these posts to find out.

Ecommerce (12)

Cross-border ecommerce is expected to grow 17 percent per year. Find out how localization can help you optimize your ecommerce website for an international audience.

Geolocation (9)

Geolocation involves determining the real-world geographic location of a user's device. Explore our posts about geoIP, browser location, and more.

Languages (8)

Learn about how languages and translation factor into localization and localization testing.

Culture (7)

Ever wonder what it's like to manage or work at WonderProxy? Read about the challenges of running a remote-only company and how we've approached various policies.

UX (7)

Learn about how to consider user experience when developing and testing software.

Selenium (6)

Learn about the popular browser automation framework Selenium, and how it can integrate with WonderProxy to power automated localization testing.

Design (5)

Read about our approach to design thinking, challenges & discoveries at WonderProxy.

VPN (4)

WonderProxy offers VPN services as part of our proxy plans and through a VPN plan that provides access to two servers. Learn more about it!

Conferences (4)

From programming to design to QA testing, we love to recap our favourite conferences from around the world.

Compliance (4)

Ensuring compliance with local regulations is an important part of localizing your website. Learn about GDPR and other regulations that you might need to consider when localizing your website.

React (3)

We've been building our products in React and we want you to know about it. Find out about the challenges of migrating to React!

Product Updates (3)

Product announcements at WonderProxy. Find out what's new and what features we're building for our customers to support their localization testing needs.

Accessibility (3)

Learn why accessibility is a critical part of software development and testing.

Hiring (2)

Sometimes we hire folks! Stay tuned for job openings.

Python (2)

Learn about using Python to automate localization testing.

Case Study (1)

Discover how companies are using WonderProxy to test their localized websites and applications.