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Introducing TestLocally

Paul Reinheimer May 23, 2022 Product Updates

The team at WonderProxy has been working on a new tool to help everyone keep an eye on their localized websites. It’s called TestLocally, and it takes location-aware screenshots for you.

At WonderProxy, we want to help people stay on top of the challenges and pitfalls of operating in a variety of global markets. Our network provides unrivaled flexibility, but we know that not everybody who opens an international shop front needs to be a localization power user. We're building TestLocally to help the folks who prioritize speed and convenience. TestLocally is built on the WonderProxy network, but it doesn’t require any installation, configuration, or programming. Visit TestLocally, select your locations, enter your URL, and go.

We’ve worked with plenty of teams that were blindsided by an important client not seeing the right content, or hearing from an executive on vacation that the website wasn’t doing the right thing in that part of the world. TestLocally makes it even easier to look at your site from anywhere. Because there’s no programming or specific technology required, any member of your team can keep an eye on things, or do a spot check after an important launch. It's localization testing, without the fuss.

How it works

For every location you select, we'll launch Chrome and visit your target website through one of our servers in that part of the world. We'll set the browser's locale and geolocation to an appropriate default, so a request from (for example) France will set the browser locale to fr-FR, and the browser geolocation to the physical latitude and longitude of the server we used. As far as your website is concerned, the visit will come from the locations you selected.

What you can do today

  • Take screenshots from around the world in just a few seconds. No payment or signup required.
  • Access more global locations, and test from more locations at once, after you sign up (for free).
  • Invite members of your team to your TestLocally account, and keep track of your team's test history.

What’s coming soon

  • Schedule your tests on a weekly cadence, and have them automatically appear in your email inbox. Sit down at your desk every Monday with screenshots of your marketing page from around the world.
  • Compare those screenshots with better tools, so you can dig into the differences immediately. Find tricky, locale-specific rendering bugs.
  • Manage cookie banners, or make sure your page finishes rendering before the screenshot.
  • Choose from more browsers and devices. TestLocally uses Chrome to take screenshots, but we’re generally Firefox users over here, so we’re planning on adding more options soon.

What we’d like from you

  1. Give TestLocally a try!
  2. Make an account, and talk to us about your feature requests! There's a little comment box on the page, or you can send us an email at

Paul Reinheimer

Developer, support engineer, and occasional manager. I enjoy working on new products, listening to customers, and forgetting to bill them. Also: co-founder.