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My Favourite Localized Assurance

Paul Reinheimer Feb 7, 2020 Marketing

I see a lot of localized websites, it comes with the job. I'll be honest my favourite little bit of localized content isn't even from a customer, it's from someone we've paid!

Candy Japan is a fun company that will mail you candy from Japan. We signed everyone up last year and did some conference calls while we tried candy as a team building exercise.

We Chatted

WonderProxy team on a video call

We Ate Candy

A box from Candy Japan

A question you might have when considering any product online is "when they say they ship to me, do they actually mean me?". As a Canadian with so many companies just a bit south either not serving me, or charging an arm and a leg for shipping (not counting customs fees!), this is a very common concern.

Here's a screenshot from Candy Japan.

Candy Japan pricing and shipping in Canada

You see that key bit there, "with free shipping even to Canada". That brief sentence on the home page just kills all my concerns. No searching a FAQ to find out if they actually ship to me.

Here's what my coworker in Norway sees:

Candy Japan pricing and shipping in Norway

and what a friend in London sees:

Candy Japan pricing and shipping in London

Honestly it seems like the kind of thing you could whip up pretty quickly with something like Geo Targetly. Though to avoid problems like the one David Ceddia ran into with his homebrew solution, I'd still test with WonderProxy :).

It's not a big complicated integration. It doesn't have a million moving parts. It is one short line of text on the home page that erases all my worries in 7 words.

Paul Reinheimer

Developer, support engineer, and occasional manager. I enjoy working on new products, listening to customers, and forgetting to bill them. Also: co-founder.