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WonderSwitcher now available for Microsoft Edge

Mari Vihuri Feb 4, 2020 Product Updates

We're pleased to announce that the WonderSwitcher browser extension is now available for the new Microsoft Edge.

What is the WonderSwitcher?

The WonderSwitcher is an extension that enables interactive localization testing right from your browser. It's available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How does the Switcher work?

The Switcher is designed to help you start your testing sooner, and complete your testing faster.

  • Test anywhere using our network of 240+ proxy servers worldwide
  • Connect to your location of choice, no manual configuration needed
  • Switch between locations quickly and easily
  • Perform both geoIP and browser location testing
  • Customize your testing experience with reminders, headers, and filters

Is the Switcher compatible with all versions of Microsoft Edge?

The Switcher is available for the new version of Microsoft Edge, released in January 2020. The new version of Edge is based on Chromium and is available for both Windows and macOS.

The Switcher is not available for legacy versions of Microsoft Edge (also known as "EdgeHTML").

Mari Vihuri

Mari is a QA engineer at WonderProxy. You can find her watching hockey, playing board games, and teaching her cat new tricks.