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How WonderProxy meets your business objectives

Localization testing

Test your website from different countries

Your customers are everywhere. How do you test your website from different cities and countries around the world?

What is localization testing?

Localization testing is an essential part of the software testing process for websites & applications that require a custom experience based on location.

What is geoIP?

When you load a website, the server that provides it to you sees your IP address. GeoIP is the process of determining your geography based on your IP address.

Benefits of localization

How does localization affect the web customer experience and e-commerce growth? Learn about the benefits of localization and how it can impact your business.

Testing with Proxies

About testing with proxies

When you need to test your application, what are your options? Find out more about how WonderProxy was designed for the purpose of testing localized applications.

Enterprise proxies

Your enterprise-level organization needs an enterprise-class localization testing solution. From interactive testing to automated solutions, we’ve got you covered.


Start testing geoIP applications

This guide provides a base procedure to help you start testing your geoIP-based, localized website. It's a solid starting point from which to develop your own testing plan.

Guide to creating a localized test plan

In this ebook, we look at some of the most popular components of localization, explore how to test them, then wrap up with a look at how to automate these tests with WonderProxy and testing automation tools.

Automate your testing

Testing with Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a flexible testing platform that provides access to thousands of browser and platform combinations, including Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and mobile devices.

Testing with BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a powerful and popular cross-browser compatibility tool that lets you test your website in different browsers on different operating systems. This guide will help you use BrowserStack's Live tool with WonderProxy.