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Automated localization testing with Selenium

Mari Vihuri Mar 16, 2020 Selenium

Because of the complexities involved in testing large corporate websites and ecommerce stores from multiple countries, test automation is a must for every web and ecommerce team. Selenium is the most popular, straightforward, and reliable test automation framework with the largest developer community on the market.

We're happy to announce a new guide that explores how Selenium can be integrated with a worldwide proxy network to verify website availability, performance, and correctness on a continuous basis.

What you'll learn:

  • The challenges that face corporate websites and ecommerce stores
  • How automated testing can help verify websites for global readiness
  • What testing tools are useful and how they work together
  • Step-by-step instructions for using Selenium to test your website from multiple countries, including a working demo with WonderProxy

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Mari Vihuri

Mari is a QA engineer at WonderProxy. You can find her watching hockey, playing board games, and teaching her cat new tricks.